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Reach out in whatever way you find the easiest and best. I have years of experience emailing...I'm basically a pro...
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I definitely didn't cover everything on my website. No doubt you're probably sitting there thinking, "I wonder if he does ....". If you are - fill out this form over here! I won't bite, I promise. Chances are that I'll be able to help you and your business grow, we just need to talk about how!

The form is the most consistent way to contact me. I may not pick up my phone for various reasons, but I will always try to get back with you as soon as I can.

  • Phone: (260) 202-1191
  • Email: luke.frauhiger

My Process

When I work with clients there are typically lots of questions. I want to make sure I'm a good fit for you and you for me. And I want to make sure whatever service or product I provide to you is of great quality. So here's kind of how it goes:

  1. Reach out (you've got to do this part)
  2. We connect and talk about what you'd like
  3. We decide on the details of the project and I draw up a contract
  4. Sign contract
  5. Go to work!
  6. Deliver service or product There are lots of sub-steps and details in there, but I want to get across what the start-to-finish process looks like.

Filling out this form or calling me has no obligations or fee. I'm more than happy to discuss what I do and what you need and find a possible solution. So don't wait, reach out to me today and we'll get started on growing your business.

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