Let's take your business to the next level with automation and tools that increase your bottom line

What is Software consulting

Software consulting can sound like a scary thing, but it's just taking a close look at your day-to-day tasks and making an effort to bring your business and staff to a higher level of output through automation, integration, and tooling. It can include everything from a simple page that helps with data entry to a more complex system of integrations between several of your systems. One thing is for sure, though. To scale up and grow you'll need to figure out your business processes and automate as much as you can!

How Software can help your business

Running a business is hard, there's no arguing that. And finding quality people and software to use can be even harder. We've all spent hours looking for the perfect set of features in a storefront from Shopify or that one piece of functionality in a business management app. It's exhausting. Chances are that you've found something that works - but does it fit your business and customers perfectly? Custom software can provide incredibly detailed and niche solutions whether it's a custom admin interface, an app for Shopify or a Salesforce customization. Here is some reason that you should consider custom software for your business:

  • Increase ROI
  • Reduce human errors
  • Engage better with your customers
  • Adapt to changing markets quickly

Below are some of the most popular software solutions, but they aren't the only ones! If you've got an problem, let's talk about the solution.

Task Automation & System Integration
Time is the most valuable asset you have in your business. Simple, repeated tasks rob you and your staff of valuable time and create easily avoidable errors. Give yourself the gift of time and step into the future by automating and integrating your business processes. It can be as simple as running a script on a schedule that syncing data between your accounting system and your billing system. Image what you could focus on if the simple day to day tasks were taken care of.
Shopify Development
There are so many reasons to use Shopify for your e-commerce website. It's flexible, a great value, and has tons of themes, storefronts and templates ready to be used. But prebuilt templates only go so far before you'll need something custom built so that you can stay relevant to your customers and give them a great buying experience. I can build custom apps, themes, and storefronts that'll help you stand out from everyone else.
Custom Tools & Apps
Let's be honest - a lot of the software we use does not have a great user experience. It's clunky, hard to use, and generally uninspiring. If you use tools like these then you are one of the many people who benefit from having custom tools built for them. A custom tool or custom app from Luke Frauhiger can integrate several of your systems together and give you a much better experience.
Salesforce Development
Salesforce is a hugely popular CRM (customer relations manager) that helps companies keep track of its customers and sales. I've built integrations, real-time web apps, complex business processes, and many other things Salesforce. Whether you're looking to start using Salesforce or you have been using it for years, I can help make Salesforce work perfectly for you.